Harajuku Girl in Dark Style w/ Sexpot Revenge, Killstar & Yosuke Boots

Anko is a 19-year-old student who we noticed in the street in Harajuku, standing out in the crowd with her punk rock look.

Anko’s interesting look features items such as a black cardigan over a graphic print collar dress from Killstar, mismatched knee-high socks and Yosuka platform buckle boots. A studded, leather backpack and accessories such as a leather collar necklace, lip rings, a cross necklace, a gothic doll statement necklace, studded wrist bands and multiple rings complete her punk look. Some of her accessories are from Sexpot Revenge.

Anko’s favorite brand/shop is Killstar and she loves to listen to Vocaloid. Follow her on Twitter for her daily updates.

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