Harajuku Decora Girl in Rainbow Yarn Braids, Kinji, Milky Peco-chan Neck Wallet, Checkered Shirt, Listen Flavor Drop Crotch Jeans, Tiger Backpack, Yosuke USA & Handmade Accessories

Drawing our attention on the streets of Tokyo with her colorful hair and outfit is Sayaka, an 18-year-old part-time worker.

Sayaka is sporting rainbow hair with multicolored yarn braids, and she is dressed in a resale black-and-white checkerboard print button down shirt shirt tucked into acid wash drop crotch jeans from Listen Flavor. The jeans feature monochrome striped accents, cuffed hems and an embroidered cat patch. Yellow ribbed socks and black creeper-type platform strap shoes finished off her outfit. Sayaka wore a pink face mask and donned accessories such as multiple earrings, a pink choker, a purple bead necklace, toy gun necklaces, a purple belt, stacked bead bracelets in rainbow colors and multiple rings. She is also sporting a Milky Peko-chan neck wallet. Some of her accessories are handmade pieces while some are from Kinji. In addition, Sayaka is carrying a cute resale tiger plushie backpack.

Sayaka lists Yosuke USA as her favorite fashion brand and she loves the music of Billie Eilish. Follow Sayaka’s decora streetwear styles on Instagram and Twitter.

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