Harajuku Girl w/ Decora Hair Clips, 90884 Kawaii Fashion, Spinns & Yosuke

While walking around the Harajuku street at night, Horuzo’s colorful and kawaii fashion caught our eye.

Horuzo’s look features a kawaii dress from 90884, a popular Harajuku label my model Haruka Kurebayashi. Colorful over the knee stockings, Yosuke platform shoes, a Spinns quilted backpack, and a 90884 sling bag complete her outfit. Cute decora accessories such as hair clips, a collar with a smiley face pendant necklace, a rainbow necklace, bracelets and googly eye rings from Swimmer and flea markets are colorful additions to her ensemble.

Horuzo told us that she likes to shop at Listen Flavor. Follow her on Twitter for her updates.

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