Harajuku Decora in Colorful Fashion w/ Monomania, 90884, Listen Flavor & Ensemble Stars!

Horuzo is a cute and colorful decora who we met on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. She is around Harajuku often, sometimes as part of the Harajuku Fashion Walk.

Horuzo is wearing a colorful top from the Harajuku brand monomania with layered skirts from Shimamura and Sanki, and colorful Yosuke U.S.A. platforms. Accessories – some of which came from swimmer, Listen Flavor, ensemble☆stars! and ensemble☆stars! on stage – include lots of decora hair clips, a bag by 90884 decorated with pins, and rainbow socks.

Her favorite fashion brand is monomania and she likes the music of Knights and Undead.

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