Harajuku Decora Street Style w/ Handmade Hair Clips, Pixel Bead Necklace, Rainbow Puffer Jacket, Yoshida Channel, Teddy Bear Skirt, Leg Warmers & Yosuke Platforms

Easily standing out on the Harajuku street one rainy evening is Purin-chan, a 19-year-old part-timer we often feature on our street snaps.

Sporting a rainbow decora style, Purin-chan stepped out in a rainbow puffer jacket, which she wore over a pink Yoshida Channel shirt and an orange collared blouse. She donned an orange wraparound skirt, which features small plushie bears sewn onto the skirt pleats. Smiley face furry legwarmers worn over beige tights, light blue platform shoes from Yosuke, and a blue fish waist bag completed her outfit. Purin-chan embellished her outfit with handmade accessories such as decora hair clips, a felt headband with toy accents, face stickers, a pixel bead necklace, a chained mobile phone strap, a rainbow belt, and several cute cocktail rings.

Purin-chan lists Yoshida Beads as her favorite fashion brand, while her favorite music artist is Sheena Ringo. For more of her colorful kawaii and decora streetwear looks, follow Purin-chan on Twitter and Instagram.

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