Harajuku Girl w/ Dip Dye Hair & Wide Pants vs Guy in Ralph Lauren & Corduroy Pants

We met this stylish duo on the street in Harajuku recently, and this is what we learned about them:

Ryosuke is a 19-year-old student with blond hair. He is wearing a Ralph Lauren Nordic print jacket over a vest from Industry Clothing. His corduroy pants are Levi’s and his shoes are from Regal. He likes shopping at the vintage shop White Head Eagle and he’s a Miyavi fan.

Megu is 18 and she’s a student. She has dark hair with bangs and dip dye blond tips. She is wearing a resale navy sweater over a turtleneck, with pink pants from Bubbles. Her tote bag is from Disney and her shoes are also from Bubbles, Megu’s favorite shop.

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