Harajuku Distressed & Remake Street Styles w/ Stussy, Levi’s, Converse CT70 & New Rock

While walking along the Harajuku streets one late afternoon, we bumped into Hikaru and Seppuku, two teens who we often feature on our street snaps section.

At the left is 16-year-old Hikaru sporting wavy black-and-green ombre hair. Hikaru’s street style features a printed sweatshirt with a distressed neckline and contrast black sleeves from Stussy. He tucked in his sweatshirt into denim ripped pants from Levi’s, and slipped into black Converse CT70 sneakers with screws as laces. Accessories such as black hoop earrings, an ear stud with a silver chain connecting to his lip ring, a silver chain necklace, a black leather belt, a silver wallet chain, and multiple silver knuckle rings are the finishing touches to Hikaru’s style. John Lawrence Sullivan and Vaquera are two of Hiraku’s favorite brands, and he likes the music of Kohh and Killa. For more on Hikaru, follow him on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Seppuku is showcasing a remake fashion style with his purple hair, which consists of a distressed white sleeveless collar shirt with safety pin embellishments, a striped blue-and-white long sleeve shirt worn as drop crotch pants, and black platform sneakers with silver detailing from New Rock. The 15-year-old student finished off his style with black sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, silver knuckle rings, and a remake voodoo doll necklace. Seppuku’s favorite fashion label is Rick Owens, and he is also active on Instagram.

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