Harajuku Duo in All Over Print & Layered Fashion w/ San To Nibun No Ichi, Kinsella, Tokyo Bopper, Kinji & Kiramisa

While walking on the Harajuku street at night, we met Yuui and pink-haired Mizuho.

At the left, Yuui’s ensemble consists of a San To Nibun No Ichi sweatshirt, yellow shorts over plaid pants from Kinsella, white sneakers from Tokyo Bopper, and a white handmade crossbody bag. His favorite brand is San To Nibun No Ichi and he likes the music of Radwimps. Yuui is active on Instagram and Twitter.

At the right, Mizuho’s look features a Kinji Mickey Mouse print pajama top over a black resale Mickey & Minnie Mouse t-shirt, cow print pajama pants from Kinji, yellow socks, blue platform sneakers from Tokyo Bopper, and a black crossbody bag from Kiramisa. Her favorite brand is Hoyajuku. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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