Harajuku Duo in Casual Street Styles w/ Kappa, 032C, Palm Angels, Nike Air Force 1, Zara & Yoko Fuchigami

we met Argene and Yuta, both 16-year-old students dressed in casual street styles.

Pink-haired Argene – dressed in purple and white – is wearing a 032C printed sweatshirt, purple track pants from Palm Angels, and white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. He capped off his look with a purple beanie hat. Argene’s favorite fashion brands are Palm Angels and Balenciaga, and he likes the music of Migos.

Yuta’s ensemble consists of a navy blue Kappa short sleeve zipper jacket over a white undershirt, semi-wide leg jeans, black chelsea boots from Zara, and a black Yoko Fuchigami sling bag. Accessories include sunglasses worn from the back, a black leather belt, and a silver barbed wire bracelet.

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