Harajuku Duo in Japanese Kimono-Fusion Avant-Garde Street Styles w/ Takuya Angel

On the busy streets of Harajuku, we came across this duo dressed in eye-catching avant-garde streetwear that immediately grabbed our attention.

At the left is Yau, a 43-year-old office worker, whose statement outfit features Japanese modern kimono-fusion brand Takuya Angel pieces such as a red-and-white printed kimono coat with wide sleeves, a red buttoned tunic top, and matching red-and-white wide-leg pleated samurai style pants. Striped socks, Takuya Angel geta sandals, a Stitch sling bag, and accessories such as a red scarf, a horn headpiece, and a Takuya Angel ren-and-white mask complete his samurai-inspired style. Australian sportswear brand, Canterbury is Yau’s favorite fashion label.

Meanwhile, Shinatiku is dressed in Takuya Angel pieces as well. A pink mixed-print long sleeve kimono jacket with extra wide sleeves, a multi-layer plaid skirt over striped red-and-white tights, a pink jacket tied at her waist, mismatched plaid and pink leg warmers, and geta sandals – bought from the geta shop – made up their outfit. Shinatiku embellished their look with a Mutsumi Hatchioji anime tote bag with badges, a pink fuzzy bunny sling bag with dolls inside, a presents headpiece, a fuzzy pink feather boa scarf, and a pink-and-red Takuya Angel mask. The bags were bought in Ikebukuro. In addition, they are carrying a toy short sword. Takuya Angel is Shinatiku’s favorite brand and they like the music of Pierrot. Shinatiku is active on Twitter.

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