Harajuku Duo in Rainbow Streetwear Styles w/ WEGO, Vans, Galaxxxy, Carhartt, New Era, Puma & Vintage Fashion

We spotted a pair of familiar faces wandering around Harajuku in their eye-catching colorful ensembles. Masao and Takako have both been featured on this site before on several occasions due to their complementary outfits and striking take on street fashion.

On the right is Takako in vintage pale yellow overalls. She wore them with a vintage blue-and-pink zip-up jacket and a WEGO cardigan with rainbow stripes. Takako styled them with blue unicorn tights and Vans blue-and-white sneakers with pink trims and floral appliques. Strapped on her back is a pale blue plush backpack with a plush toy accessory. She finished off her look with a rainbow star necklace, yellow earrings, and a yellow smiley face beret. For more on Takako, follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Masao donned a colorful vintage jacket over a Galaxxxy x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu colorful zip-up hoodie. He also wore pale yellow Carhartt overalls with the cuffs rolled up, revealing Puma sneakers in pastel shades. His accessories include black-rimmed glasses, a backwards New Era green cap, and a Galaxxxy x Sega video game controller crossbody bag. Follow Masao on both Instagram and Twitter.

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