Harajuku Duo Streetwear Fashion w/ Black Cap, Satin Shirt, Shirt Dress, Monochrome Print Tights, Brocade Pants, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Bag, Dr. Martens & Tokyo Bopper Ankle Wrap Shoes

While out and about on the streets of Tokyo one afternoon, we came across Ryosuke and Mayuki, two 19-year-olds whose striking ensembles easily caught our attention.

At the left is Mayuki clad in monochrome fashion. She stepped out in a white long-sleeved lace blouse, worn underneath a black shirt dress, which features ruffle details, a sheer skirt and tiered ruffle hems. She styled her dress with monochrome printed tights, and finished off her outfit with black suede ankle-wrap shoes from Tokyo Bopper. Multiple earrings, silver rings, and a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania crossbody bag rounded out her monochrome look. Mayuki’s favorite fashion label is Vivienne Westwood, and she is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Ryosuke is dressed in a resale dark red satin shirt with a snakeskin texture, which he wore over a black shirt. He paired his layered tops with resale cuffed floral print brocade pants, and completed his outfit with black Dr. Martens lace-up boots. A black cap and a resale orange top handle leather bag are the finishing touches to his eclectic look. Ryosuke is also active on Instagram.

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