Harajuku Duo’s Casual Streetwear w/ UNIF, Nike Vapor Max, Balenciaga & Fendi

While out on the streets of the Harajuku neighborhood, we met Mari Wada and Rikiya Ito, two teens whose casual street looks easily caught our eye.

Sporting a blue bob, 17-year-old Mari is decked out in a printed blue sweatshirt with extra long sleeves, with the hem tied around her waist. She styled her cropped top with vintage acid wash jeans, white Nike Vapor Max sneakers, and a white patent leather backpack with a rainbow design from UNIF. She accessorized her casual style with pearl earrings, a belt, and multiple rings. Mari mentioned UNIF as her fashion favorite, and she is active on both Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, 16-year-old Rikiya – a dancer – is wearing a white cropped sweater over a striped long sleeve collared shirt, light blue leopard print pants from Fendi, and platform colorblock sneakers from Balenciaga. Silver drop earrings, a silver bracelet, silver rings, a silver wallet chain, and a black belt bag slung across his chest finished off Rikiya’s look. Balenciaga is Rikiya’s favorite fashion label, and he is also active on Instagram and Twitter.

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