Harajuku Duo’s Polka Dot Street Styles w/ Comme des Garcons, Nozomi Ishiguro, PUNYUS, Oh Pearl Tokyo & Dressedundressed

While out for a walk on the streets of Tokyo, we spotted Kiku and Noa, whose modern takes on polka dot street dressing easily caught our eye.

Sporting pink hair under a black detached hood, Kiku is dressed in a Nozomi Ishiguro two-tone jacket with polka dot cutouts, worn over a Comme des Garcons face print t-shirt tied at the waist, and paired with black parachute pants from Dressedundressed. The 16-year-old student finished off his style with white platform sneakers from Punyus and a studded leather waist bag. Kiku’s favorite fashion label is Balmung, and he likes listening to the music of Nagisa Kuroki.

At the right, 18-year-old Noa’s streetwear outfit features a black-and-white polka dot print shirt, which she tucked into a metallic purple accordion-print midi skirt, and paired with black platform split-toe boots. She embellished her ensemble with accessories such as a teal snakeskin headband for her two-tone hair, safety pin pearl earrings, a leather grommet belt, and vintage rings. In addition, Noa strapped a black leather Oh Pearl Tokyo waist bag across her chest. For more on Noa, follow her on Instagram.

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