Harajuku Duo’s Street Styles w/ LAD Musician, Mame, Dr. Martens & JieDa

While out on the streets of Harajuku, we came across Yoshiya and Seira, two teens whose streetwear outfits easily caught our attention.

At the left is Seira, who is dressed in a sheer white blouse, worn over a black sheer top and layered with a white lace camisole top. The 19-year-old student styled her layered tops with a long white skirt with lace hem trims, sheer black lace socks, and black leather baby doll shoes from Dr. Martens. Seira accessorized with a black leather belt, and she is carrying a white sling bag with intricate detailings from Mame. Seira is active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Yoshiya’s street style features an oversized pink button down embroidered shirt from Jieda, which he wore over a dark purple t-shirt, and dark blue wide-leg pleated pants from LAD Musician. Black leather boots from Dr. Martens, a black see-through sling bag from Jieda, and a cherry red leather wristwatch completed the 18-year-old student’s style. Yoshiya is also active on Instagram.

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