Harajuku Duo’s Streetwear Styles w/ Sukajan, Nadia Strap Pants, Yosuke, Andersson Bell, Christopher Nemeth, MYOB, Levi’s, Dr. Martens & Bill Wall Leather

Catching our interest with their streetwear styles on the Harajuku street are Hina and Motoki.

Sporting a short black bob with blonde bangs, Hina is dressed in a resale beige-and-black sukajan, which she wore over a white t-shirt. Black drawstring strap pants with white side stripes from Nadia, white platform sneakers from Yosuke, and a black crocodile leather crossbody bag from M.Y.O.B. completed her ensemble. A silver ballchain necklace and silver chains from Bill Wall Leather rounded out her style. Hina loves to shop at M.Y.O.B, and she likes listening to hip hop music. For more on Hina, follow her on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Motoki – sporting ash grey hair streaks – is wearing a resale brown blazer with a checkered print, worn over a white Andersson Bell shirt. Cuffed Levi’s jeans, lace-up boots from Dr. Martens, and accessories such as silver hoop earrings, silver chain necklaces, Christopher Nemeth rope print badges and handkerchief, a black leather belt, a silver chain bracelet, and silver rings finished off his style. Motoki’s fashion favorite is Christopher Nemeth, and he also likes hip hop music. Motoki is also active on Instagram.

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