Harajuku Eclectic Street Styles w/ Pompom Beanie, Puffer Vest, Patchwork Skirt Over Jeans, Bandana Dress, Cowboy Boots, Floral Mules, Mickey Mouse Necklace & Star Wars Chewbacca Sling Bag

Standing out on the Harajuku street one evening with their colorful eclectic street styles are twin sisters, Midori and Hideko, both of whom are office workers.

At the left sporting a blue ensemble is Midori. She is dressed in a blue vest with white trims, worn over a blue printed sweater and white collared shirt. A blue patchwork skirt worn over cuffed denim pants, white floral print mules, and a blue pom pom beanie completed Midori’s ensemble.

Meanwhile, Hideko is wearing a tri-color puffer vest, which she styled with a red sweater with a center flower print. She wore a red bandana dress underneath her sweater and vest, and finished off her look with red leather western cowboy boots, gold earrings, a Mickey Mouse 18k gold necklace, gold rings, and a Star Wars Chewbacca furry sling bag.

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