Minimalist Harajuku Street Fashion w/ Comme des Garcons, Rick Owens & WARE-mo-KOU

Shouhei is a 19-year-old student we met in the street in Harajuku. He stood out and caught our eye with his stylish minimalist ensemble.

Shouhei’s ensemble features a black shirt from avant-garde American fashion brand Rick Owens, drop crotch (sarueru) pants from Comme des Garcons, an Essay long coat which he bought at Tokyo shop WARE-mo-KOU, black socks, and red pointy shoes from Comme des Garcons. His accessories include a black beret, black sunglasses, and silver hoop earrings.

Shouhei loves to shop at WARE-mo-KOU, and he listens to the music of UVERworld.

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