Harajuku Fashion Designer in Avant-Garde Streetwear Style w/ Layered Jackets, KTZ Leggings, Adidas Platform Sneakers & Statement Hat

Standing out on the Harajuku street one evening is TKMĀ®freedom, a fashion designer who is also a well known personality in the Tokyo streetwear scene.

This time, TKM is dressed in layers which consists of a multicolored houndstooth blazer, worn over an orange-and-black hooded puffer jacket, and a floral print babydoll dress worn over a sheer floral top. He donned a pair of monochrome celestial print leggings, and slipped into black-and-white platform sneakers from Adidas. Accessories – mostly from KTZ – include a big purple patent leather baby-style ruffle hat, worn over a silver metallic cap, a single beaded chain earring, a single white fur glove, and a silver armor ring. White face-makeup with black streaked eye makeup and a red lipstick completed his style. In addition, he is sporting a baby binky and a rattle toy.

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