Harajuku Girls Street Fashion w/ M.Y.O.B., Fresh Anti Youth, Dolls Kill, Faith & B.D.K.M.V. Tokyo

While on the street in Harajuku, we came across 19-year-old Ayuka and 17-year-old Sumire. Let’s take a closer look at their streetwear:

At the left and sporting purple tipped hair, Ayuka is wearing a Versace zipper vest over an Emoda mesh top and tank top, Versace pants, platform shoes from Demonia, and an MCM handbag. Her accessories include a resale leather harness, and belts from M.Y.O.B. and Faith Tokyo. Ayuka’s favorite brand is M.Y.O.B. NYC and she listens to visual kei music. She is active on Instagram and Twitter.

At the right, Sumire’s look features a white t-shirt from Fresh Anti Youth, a long printed button skirt from M.Y.O.B., heeled boots from Dolls Kill, and a white mesh bag from B.D.K.M.V. Tokyo. Her accessories include a cap from M.Y.O.B., geometric earrings, a lock necklace, and a blue pouch bag. Sumire’s fave brand is M.Y.O.B. Follow her on Instagram.

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