Harajuku Fashion Walk Organizer Junnyan in Kawaii Street Style, Two-Tone Hair, Galaxxxy, Takuya Angel, Buffalo & Fuzzy Monster Hat

Standing out in the Harajuku street one evening is Junnyan, the longtime Tokyo street style personality and organizer for the world famous Harajuku Fashion Walk event.

Sporting a fuzzy pink monster cap on top of his blue-and-pink fringed bob, Junnyan is wearing a multicolored stars and stripes colorblock cardigan from Galaxxxy, worn over a duck face pink-and-green top with a pink inner mesh top, both of which are also sourced from Galaxxxy. They paired their layered tops with a pink-and-red pleated skirt from Takuya Angel, and wore it over multicolored graphic print tights. Striped socks, pink-and-black platform sneakers from Buffalo, and a handmade pink pom pom print sling bag with pom pom ball fringes completed their colorful look. Adding pops of details to their outfit are handmade accessories such as a yellow star pendant choker, a beaded googly-eyed monster necklace, multiple beaded bracelets, a googly eyes knuckle duster ring, and a glitter bat ring. Colorful geometric-shaped face makeup rounded out the organizer’s colorful street style.

Junnyan loves the music of Japanese singer/songwriter, Miyavi. For their social media updates and style feed, follow Junnyan on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

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