7-year-old Coco in Harajuku w/ Fiorucci T-Shirt, Vintage Velvet Skirt, Gucci Sneakers & Pillbox Hat

We came across Coco Pink Princess, the adorable 7-year-old Japanese student who we see around Harajuku often. Her mother is the owner of a popular vintage boutique in town.

Today, Coco Pink is dressed in a white angel print Fiorucci t-shirt, tucked into a vintage red velvet skirt, and cinched with a black o-ring belt. Yellow socks, Gucci high-top sneakers, and a white Shrimps faux fur tote bag with pearl top handles completed her ensemble. For her accessories, she donned a vintage black pillbox straw hat with gold trims and a black mesh bow, yellow Gucci sunglasses, and a black beaded rosary necklace.

For more on Coco and her fashion styles, follow her on Instagram.

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