Harajuku Girls in Fuzzy Jacket Trend w/ D-Holic, Heather, Jouetie, GRL & Ingni

In Harajuku, we met 16-year-olds Shion and Yumu, both students. They caught our eye wearing contrasting trendy fuzzy jackets in pink and black.

Shion – at the left – is wearing a grey ribbed turtleneck sweater from Jouetie, black skinny jeans from Heather, and a pink fuzzy jacket from D-Holic. Diamond stud earrings, a fuzzy clutch, and black suede booties complete her outfit. Shion’s favorite brands are Jouetie and Bubbles Harajuku, and she loves listening to One Direction. She is active on Instagram.

Yumu – at the right – is wearing a pink ribbed sweater from GRL, a grid print ruffle skirt from Ingni, and a black fuzzy jacket from Cadbury. Black suede lace-up boots, a pink satchel bag, and a silver watch from Wicca complete her look. Her favorite brands are Ingni and WEGO.

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