Harajuku Girl Group in Monochrome Streetwear w/ MYOB NYC, Faith Tokyo, 99%IS, Eria/Area & Open The Door

One evening on the streets of Harajuku, we met this group of girls who we see are sporting chic monochrome streetwear styles. They are 17-year-old Kunieda, 17-year-old Mitsuki, 15-year-old Megumi, and 15-year-old Kaya.

Kunieda’s black and white outfit consists of a white lace up long sleeve shirt and a short black skirt with grommet detailing, both of which are from Eria/Area. She styled them with black and white thigh high socks, platform boots from Bubbles, and a black belt bag from 99%IS-. She accessorized with goggles over a beanie hat, and a black belt ring. Kunieda’s favorite brand is Faith Tokyo. Follow her on Instagram.

Next up is Mitsuki, who is wearing an M.Y.O.B. NYC sweatshirt, checkered zipper skirt from Open the Door, fishnet stockings, Adidas socks, and Yosuke platform creepers. To finish off her outfit, Mitsuki accessorized with a black cap, a Faith Tokyo necklace, and Places + Faces sling bag.

Meanwhile, Megumi – sporting twin braids – is wearing an all black outfit which features a black hoodie sweater, black skirt, black thigh high socks, and platform lace up boots. She accessorized with hoop earrings, a chain necklace, a grommet belt, a wallet chain and she is carrying a purple sling bag from Faith Tokyo. Follow Megumi and her stylish feed on Instagram.

Lastly, twin-tailed Kaya’s look consists of a black t-shirt, Adidas track pants, platform boots from Bubbles, and a purple Faith Tokyo sling bag. Her accessories – some from Faith Tokyo – include a white visor, safety pin earrings, a heart necklace, a grommet belt, and a wallet chain. Faith Tokyo is Kaya’s Favorite brand. For her updates, follow Kaya on Twitter and Instagram.

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