Harajuku Girl in Cute Pink Fashion Style w/ Kinji, Spinns & Disney Glitter Bag

We came across Ranochan on the street in Harajuku. The 18-year-old student who caught our eye with her twin braids and cute pink fashion outfit.

Sporting pink twin braids with green tips, Ranochan’s all pink ensemble consists of a ruffle top from Kinji, paired with a white Spinns skirt, and worn under a vintage eyelet button down dress. She styled them with knee high pink socks, white platform sandals with glitter heart print, a Disney pink glitter chain bag, and accessories such as a fuzzy pink headband, a pendant necklace, labret piercings, a pink belt, pink glasses, and a pink bracelet complete her look.

Ranochan told us she enjoys the music of Japanese girl group, Band Ja Naimon! Follow Ranochan on Twitter and Instagram.

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