Harajuku Girl in Stylenanda, Bershka Jeans & Lowrys Farm Sandals vs. Harajuku Guy in Bomber Jacket & Nike Sneakers

Here is a duo we snapped on the street in Harajuku recently and what we learned about them:

Natsuko is 23 and she’s a freeter. She has pink hair and round sunglasses. She’s wearing a long Stylenanda top over Bershka jeans. Her Bart Simpson tote bag is a resale and her silver sandals are Lowrys Farm, worn with socks. She accessorized with a Lady Gaga pin from Yazbukey and Hawaiian jewelry earrings. Natsuko likes shopping at Stylenanda and posting on Instagram.

Shuya is a 19-year-old beautician. He has blond hair and round glasses. He is wearing a resale bomber jacket over a graphic t-shirt and camouflage print pants. He carries a brown tote bag and his red sneakers are Nike. Follow him on Twitter to find out more.

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