Pink-Haired Harajuku Girl in Japanese Lolita Fashion w/ Metamorphose temps de fille, Baby The Stars Shine Bright & Handmade Items

We spotted Ayana, who sauntered down the streets of Harajuku in her charming pink Lolita fashion.

The 20-year-old fashion college student wore a white striped blouse from Metamorphose temps de fille, which had a ruffle neckline, long sleeves, and ruched cuffs. Ayana wore it under a pink Metamorphose temps de fille floral dress, which featured a large ribbon on the waist, a tiered skirt, pleated details, and white floral lace trims. She styled them with white embroidered tights and white Metamorphose temps de fille white buckled shoes with decorative bows and cut-out hearts on the crisscross straps. Strapped on one shoulder is a handmade pink printed tote bag with a sheer white lace panel. Ayana also carried a pink umbrella with a floral lace trim. Bright pink twin braids, red lips, and a white floral lace bonnet capped off her look. Her accessories are from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

Ayana loves shopping for her fashion favorites at Metamorphose temps de fille and listening to music from Shinsei Kamattechan. For more style updates, check out Ayana’s social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

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