Harajuku Girl in Strap Pants, Vintage Blouse, Yosuke Platform Shoes & Vivienne Westwood Accessories

While taking a walk along the streets of the popular Harajuku neighborhood, we came across Roku, a 19-year-old Japanese idol who easily caught our eye with her streetwear ensemble.

Sporting twin fringed tails with purple highlights, Roku stepped out in a vintage long-sleeved printed blouse with black contrast lace edges, ruffled details and flared cuffs. She tucked her blouse into dark denim strap pants which features a button fly and contrast black-and-purple straps from Laforet Harajuku, and slipped into black platform rocking horse shoes from Yosuke. Roku is carrying a cat print tote bag – a hand-me-down from her mother – and accessorized her look with beaded drop earrings, a black Vivienne Westwood flask necklace, cute vintage rings, knuckle rings and a rainbow belt, also from Vivienne Westwood.

Roku’s favorite fashion brand is Vivienne Westwood, and she loves listening to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure opening song. For her social media updates, follow Roku on Instagram and Twitter.

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