Harajuku Girl Streetwear Look w/ Twin Tails, Rob Zombie Shirt, Snakeskin Shorts, Never Mind the XU & Demonia

Meet Mashu, a 16-year-old student whose modern streetwear style easily caught our attention on the Harajuku street.

Mashu is sporting a twin braided tails hairstyle, and she is wearing a black Rob Zombie x Ozzy Osbourne t-shirt from the popular Harajuku resale/vintage shop Kinji, which she tucked into a pair of brown snakeskin shorts. Black thigh-high socks, black platform shoes from Demonia, and accessories – some from Never Mind the XU – such as oversized sunglasses, silver o-ring chain earrings, a black leather o-ring choker, a silver pendant necklace, and a black chain belt. In addition, Mashu is wearing black fingerless gloves to complete her look.

Romantic Standard and Never Mind the XU are two of her favorite fashion brands, and she likes listening to the music of X1. For more of her, follow Mashu on Twitter and Instagram.

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