Harajuku Girl Trio Street Styles w/ Orange Satin Pants, Dress Over Pants, Green Midi Skirt & Colored Sunglasses

While taking a walk along the Harajuku street, we came across this trio of girls who stood out in their chic and colorful ensembles.

Zawa, a 20-year-old fashion school student is wearing a black-and-orange street style. Her look consists of a black windbreaker from RRR by Sugar Spot Factory, which she styled with a black ribbed sweater from GU tucked into orange handmade high-waisted wide-leg satin pants, and GU pointy-toe ankle boots. The rest of her ensemble includes an orange sling bag from RRR by Sugar Spot Factory, orange-tinted round sunglasses, silver hoop earrings, and a silver ring. Zawa’s favorite fashion brands are Aymmy in the Batty Girls, RRR by Sugar Spot Factory and Candy Stripper. She likes listening to the music of Japanese rock band, Federic. Follow Zara on Twitter for her updates.

At the middle sporting twin tails is Rimariri, a 20-year-old Kinji staffer. She is dressed in a Kinji quilted jacket with Pikachu and heart prints, which she paired with a mint-colored fuzzy turtleneck dress from Invoice and baggy jeans. Nike navy sneakers with pink laces, a black drawstring fuzzy pouch from 3 Coins, and Bubbles accessories such as yellow-tinted sunglasses, a long heart necklace, a black ruffle belt, and colorful badges attached to her bag completed her cute style. Rimariri’s favorite fashion label is Gucci, and she enjoys the music of Katy Perry. For her social media updates, follow Rimariri on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Naco is clad in a green-and-black outfit, featuring a dark green button down jacket from RRR by Sugar Spot Factory, a black Hard Rock Cafe shirt – bought resale from WEGO, and an emerald RRR VIntage button down high-waisted midi skirt. She finished off her look with pink socks, black lace-up boots, and 3 Coins accessories such as green-tinted round sunglasses, a tattoo choker, a black skinny belt, a silver bracelet, and multiple rings. In addition, she is carrying a black JanSport backpack on one shoulder. Naco’s fashion favorites are Aymmy in the Batty Girls, Little Sunny Bite, and RRR by Sugar Spot Factory. She likes the music of Alexandros and Kenshi Yonezu. Naco is also active on Instagram.

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