Fashion College Student w/ Cropped Blonde Hair, Pink House Teddy Bear Print Dress, Plush Bear Bag & Kiki2 Floral Shoes

It was easy to spot 19-year-old Ikumi with her cropped blonde hair and bright red dress.

The fashion college student donned a Pink House red sleeveless dress with all-over teddy bear print. She wore it over a white sweatshirt with a Peter Pan collar and a ruffle neckline. Ikumi also wore white socks and Kiki2 white shoes with multicolored floral appliqu├ęs. To finish off her look, she wore rose gold eye makeup, dark red lips, and a plush bear crossbody bag she won as a raffle prize.

Ikumi loves shopping at Gunifuni and listening to music from Nujabes. Follow Ikumi on Instagram to keep up with her social media updates.

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