Harajuku Girl w/ Stuffed Animals Wearing Spinns, WEGO, ABC Mart, Uniqlo & E-Hyphen World Gallery

These two cute girls are Solt and Nana, a couple of students we snapped in Harajuku. Both of them are carrying stuffed animals.

Solt is pictured to the left, with the red beret. She is 16. Her pink jacket is from Spinns while her red dress is a resale. Her record-shaped bag is from WEGO and her lace-up boots are from ABC Mart. She is also wearing sunglasses from Thank-You Mart and she told us she likes shopping at Spinns and resale shops. Her favorite bands are Bump of Chicken and CreepHyp.

Nana is pictured to the right and she’s 17. She is wearing a jacket from as know as over a sweater from Uniqlo and a floral skirt she bought from the resale shop Chicago. Her oxfords are from E-Hyphen World Gallery, and her ring is from Gram. Nana also told us she likes resale shops for buying apparel and accessories. 

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