Harajuku Girls in Colorful Street Styles w/ Betty Boop & Mickey Mouse

Nanachos and MaiMai easily caught our eye on the street in Harajuku at night. MaiMai is a longtime Harajuku street fashion personality, and we also see Nanachos around the street now and then.

Nanachos – on the left with purple hair – is wearing a colorful resale look that features an oversized denim Betty Boop jacket over a Betty Boop top, Betty Boop print pants, cow print socks, and classic Converse sneakers. Her favorite band is Bump of Chicken.

MaiMai – on the right with pink and green two tone hair – is wearing a Joyrich Mickey Mouse jacket over a Disneyland graphic t-shirt, handmade shorts, black tights, and black platform creepers that she bought in Harajuku. Her cute backpack – with plush Mickey and Minnie Mouse charms – is from Disneyland. MaiMai’s favorite place to shop is Disneyland!

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