Harajuku Girls in Dark Street Fashion w/ Vivienne Westwood, Funky Fruit & Tokyo Bopper

Ayuna Nakagami and Sarina Fujii are both 19-year-old students we met on the Harajuku streets. They are both sporting black fashion ensembles.

Aqua-haired Ayuna’s outfit features a black coat from Funky Fruit, a blue turtleneck top under a black pocket shirt, a resale midi skirt, fishnet stockings, blue socks and platform creepers from Body Line, and a resale sling bag. Her accessories include a pink hairband from Vivienne Westwood, silver hoop earrings and bracelet, also from Vivienne Westwood, and multiple rings from Gallerie. Ayuna loves the legendary British designer Vivienne Westwood and she likes listening to Scandal. She is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Sarina is wearing a white lace top underneath a Vivienne Westwood black top, a used/resale maxi coat, fishnet stockings, black socks, a handmade tote bag, and Tokyo Bopper ankle wrap platform shoes. Sarina’s favorite shop/brand is Comme des Garcons and she also likes to listen to Scandal. Follow her on Twitter.

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