Harajuku Girls in Pink & Black w/ Drinkscancode, 2.Xjigen, Avantgarde, Candye Syrup & UNIF

We met Riko and Miwa – both 19 years old and university students – on the street in Harajuku.

Riko (on the right), was sporting an all-black ensemble consisting of a hooded, cut out shoulder dress from Drinkscancode, Avantgarde Harajuku flame tights, black UNIF zipper boots, and a UNIF translucent bag for contrast. She accessorized with ear studs and hoop earrings, blue sunglasses, and a red lipstick. Riko loves shopping at Never Mind the XU and listens to Twice. Check out her fashion style on Twitter and Instagram.

Miwa (left) contrasted Riko’s dark outfit with kawaii fashion – a pink shirt dress from 2.Xjigen, white leg warmers and white Nike sneakers. She complemented her outfit with a pink, quilted handmade backpack and arranged her hair in twin buns with odango covers and a pin from Candye Syrup Harajuku. She added kawaii accessories such as a bear necklace, pastel beaded bracelets and a kawaii pouch bag. She loves browsing and shopping at her fave shop/brand Nile Perch. For more info about Miwa, catch her on Twitter and Instagram.

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