Harajuku Girls Styles w/ Hair Bow, Lace Headdress, Twin Tails, Axes, Sylvester Sweater, Handmade Fashion, Baby The Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty & Yumetenbo

While walking along the streets of Tokyo, we came across this trio of 17-year-old Harajuku girls all wearing chic, eye-catching streetwear styles. They are Sasa, Sawa and Kaoru.

At the left is Sasa sporting purple hair and a monochrome ensemble. The 17-year-old student is dressed in a black sweater with ruffled collar and cuffs, which she paired with a handmade monochrome striped hoop skirt. Black ankle socks with ruffle lace, black leather heeled loafers from Axes, and handmade accessories such as a purple hair bow and a wide black garterized lace-up belt completed her style. In addition, Sasa is also carrying a black cat face-shaped tote bag. Sasa’s favorite fashion brand is Kobinai, and she loves the music of Sekai No Owari. Follow Sasa on Twitter and Instagram.

Sporting red cat eye sunglasses at the middle is Sawa. She stepped out in a resale white Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird sweater, a handmade orange tulle maxi skirt worn over pink pants and white GU sneakers with rainbow laces. Sawa embellished her style with colorful enamel earrings, a polka-dot detached collar with lace trims, and a handmade canvas dog print sling bag with pink ruffle trims. Sawa loves to shop at Ne-net and she also enjoys the music of Sekai No Owari. Sawa is also active on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Kaoru’s Lolita style consists of a white ruffle blouse, a strawberry print dress from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, white ribbed socks with red bows and dark purple Yumetenbou platform lace-up shoes. A handmade ruffled lace headdress, colorful cocktail rings and a red-and-white bow bag by Angelic Pretty are the finishing touches to her streetwear style. Kobinai and Anna Sui are two of Kaoru’s favorite fashion labels and she enjoys listening to Hello! Project, Kanjani Eight and Spitz. Check out Kaoru’s style feed on Instagram.

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