Harajuku Girls in Blue Streetwear Fashion w/ ACDC Rag, Akiba Sandal, Thank You Mart, Puma, Spao, Claire’s, Nakano Ropeway & Swimmer

In Harajuku, we came across Oka Hayasaka (right) and Yuzuremon (left), both are 17-year-old students. They caught our attention with their blue street fashion styles.

At the right, Oka is wearing a Mickey and Minnie Mouse shirt from ACDC Rag, a kimono coat which she bought in Hong Kong, a ruffle skirt, cute socks, purple sandals from Akiba Sandal, a printed backpack which she also bought in Hong Kong, and a duck sling bag from Thank You Mart. Her accessories include a tiara headband, hair clips, multiple bracelets, a cocktail ring, and steampunk wrap around sunglasses. Oka’s favorite brands are ACDC Rag and Galaxxxy and she listens to the music of Sakerock. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

And at the left, Yuzuremon’s outfit consists of resale denim overalls and a blue t-shirt from Thank You Mart, Puma sneakers, and a backpack from Spao. Her accessories – from Nakano Ropeway, Claire’s and Swimmer – include colorful hair clips, a belt choker, a ball necklace, and a strawberry sling bag. Her favorite brand is ACDC Rag and Swimmer, and her favorite music bands/artists are Man With A Mission and Dempagumi.inc. Follow her on Twitter.

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