Harajuku Girls Street Fashion w/ Chicago, WEGO, Spinns, WC, Kinji, Laforet, 6%DokiDoki, Docomo, Aeon, Forever21, Fresh Anti Youth, Aymmy & GU

In Harajuku, we came upon this trio of girls who are sporting casual fashion styles. They are 16-year-old Yuumi, 14-year-old Nanase, and 16-year-old Odeco-chan.

At the left, Yuumi is wearing a WEGO fuzzy sweater, Chicago plaid pants, vintage lace up shoes, and a pink sling bag, which is made in India. Her accessories include oversized eyeglasses, large hoop earrings, and a red belt, some of which are from Spinns. Yuumi’s favorite brand is Chicago and she likes the music of Jitterin’ Jinn. She is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

At the middle, Nanase’s look features a white bear sweater from WC, Kinji pink and green plaid pants, blue socks, platform sneakers from Laforet, and a giraffe plushie backpack from 6%DokiDoki. Her accessories – from 6%DokiDoki, Docomo & Aeon – include a cute hair clip, a monkey bead necklace, a Dragon Ball Z neck wallet, and cute rings. Nanase’s favorite brand is Kinji and she likes the music of Atarashii Gakkou No Leaders and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

And at the right, Odeco-chan’s ensemble consists of a Forever21 jacket over a white Aymmy shirt, Fresh Anti-Youth pants with side stripes, white GU sneakers, and a handmade transparent sling bag. She accessorized with Bunka Fashion College sunglasses. Kinji and Aymmy are Odeco-chan’s favorite brands and she listens to the music of Milk. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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