Harajuku Girls in Colorful Vintage Fashion w/ Burberry, Grimoire, Vivienne Westwood, Coach & Tokyo Bopper

In Harajuku, we came upon these 3 girls wearing colorful outfits that caught our eye. They are 18-year-old student Rizna, 19-year-old Bunka Fashion College student Haruka Kado and 18-year-old student Koume. Let’s take a closer look at their outfits, shall we?

Rizna (at the right) is wearing an outfit consisting of a Burberry top underneath a cropped denim jacket from Kinji, a leopard print knee-length skirt, white lace socks and red Converse shoes. Accessories include a red bow handbag, a head scarf, an ear stud and polka dot earrings. Her favorite brand is Punk Cake. She is active on Instagram.

At the middle, green-haired Haruka’s ensemble features a lace top from Vivienne Westwood and a used/resale black maxi skirt underneath a used/resale floral coat. Black lace socks, Tokyo Bopper platform shoes, a Coach handbag, bow earrings, pearl necklace and bracelets, and a vintage style watch ring complete her ensemble. Haruka loves to shop at Punk Cake and loves listening to Judy and Mary. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Koume (at the left) is sporting a red and white vintage fashion outfit with a vintage lace blouse underneath a red velvet dress from Grimoire. White lace stockings, red velvet pumps from Grimoire, a red purse/handbag from Grimoire, and accessories such as a red beret, red hair bows for her twin braids, a pendant necklace, and vintage style rings complete her look. She loves shopping at Grimoire. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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