Harajuku Girls in Mixed Prints & Layered Fashion w/ Kinji, Angel Blue, Lovely-Chan No OO, Suzumebachi, Honwakapappa, Yosuke & 6%DokiDoki

While in Harajuku, we came across Hiruma (left), a 19-year-old student and Airi (right), a 19-year-old music student. They caught our attention with their mixed prints and layered street style ensembles.

On the left, Hiruma’s look features a strawberry print & lace top from Angel Blue, remake pleated skirt over wide leg denim pants, platform wooden sandals from Kinji, and a leather sling bag from Lovely-chan No OO. Her accessories – mostly handmade – include a knit tassel hat, feather eyelashes, beaded earrings, a brass door holder necklace, multiple bracelets, and red, fingerless lace gloves. Hiruma’s favorite brands are Osaka Shop and Haranomushi. She likes the music of Judy and Mary, and Glim Spanky.

And on the right, Airi’s outfit features Suzumebachi t-shirt over a long sleeve top, layered printed skirts from Honwakapappa, pink stockings, platform baby doll shoes from Yosuke, and a Kinji pink wooden handle handbag and a fish-shaped sling bag. Her accessories include hair bows, feather eyelashes, lemon slice earrings, white lace gloves, beaded bracelets, and rings from 6%DokiDoki. Airi’s favorite brands include Kinji, Haranomushi and Mikio Sakabe, and she listens to the music of Sakanaction, Gen Hoshino and YMO.

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