Harajuku Girls in Never Mind the XU, [me], Forever21 & Vivienne Westwood Items

We met these two students in Harajuku and this is what we found out about them:

Rui, pictured to the right in a black outfit, is 14. She is wearing a dress from Never Mind the XU with a hoodie on top. Her shoes are Yosuke, worn with ruffle socks. We also noticed her purple backpack. Rui likes shopping from Never Mind the XU and Stussy, and she listens to k-pop. Find her on Twitter for more updates.

Unyong, pictured to the left in pink, is 15. She’s wearing a chick embroidery cap, a souvenir jacket from [me], sunglasses, and a black sweatshirt. Her pink pants are from Forever21 and her watch is Vivienne Westwood. She is also wearing flatforms and a clutch. Unyong likes listening to Exo, Shinee and K-pop, and she can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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