Harajuku Girls in Red Street Fashion w/ Mikio Sakabe, Punk Cake, Pink House, Tokyo Bopper & Jenny Fax

In Harajuku, our attention was caught with these two ladies sporting red street style looks. They are 19-year-old Atsuko (right) and 20-year-old Yuria (left) both students.

At the right, Atsuko’s ensemble consists of a red polka dot jacket from Pink House over a pink Punk Cake quilted coat, and a white dress from Mikio Sakabe. Red tights, Tokyo Bopper platform shoes, a red Jenny Fax see through bag, a white cap, a black pinkie ring and pink button earrings. Her favorite brands include Mikio Sakabe, Tokyo Bopper, and Jenny Fax. Atsuko is active on Instagram.

At the left, Yuria is wearing a handmade denim jacket with leopard print accents, a vintage t-shirt given by her grandma, a handmade red lace ruffle skirt over plaid pants, Dr. Martens boots, and a black duffle bag from her mom. Her accessories include a red beret and a can badge from OKAMOTO’s. Yuria’s favorite fashion brand is Saint Laurent and she listens to music from The Bawdies. Follow her on Instagram for her updates.

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