Harajuku Girls in Stylish Street Fashion w/ Paradox, Kinji, Forever21, Vivienne Westood, Alice And The Pirates, Yosuke, Scot.Inc & Faith Tokyo

While walking around the streets of Harajuku, we came upon Moeka and Harumingo, two students we met who are wearing stylish winter street outfits.

At the left is 19-year-old Moeka, whose ensemble features a white short sleeve belted jacket from Paradox Tokyo, which she wore over a black long sleeve top layered with a white loose-sleeved sweatshirt. She finished off her outfit with black leather pants from Kinji Harajuku, Forever21 block heel boots, and a red vintage handbag with quilted leather. For her accessories, she added a vintage fuzzy hat, white tassel earrings, and a Vivienne Westwood watch. Moeka’s favorite brand is Faith Tokyo, and she listens to Sia and kiLLa YDIZZY. Follow her stylish feed and updates on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Harumingo – sporting two-tone hair – is wearing an Alice and the Pirates hot pink long sleeve blouse which features a contrast button lining in black, ruffle collar and ruffle cuffs. She paired her top with Faith Tokyo floral print satin pants, a vintage black corset to accentuate her waist, and added a black sweater from Scot.Inc which she tied around her waist. Yosuke platform lace up boots, a handmade comic print tote bag, a purple beret, silver hoop earrings, knuckle rings and an armor ring – from a silver shop in Harajuku – completed her outfit. Her favorite fashion brand is Vivienne Westwood, and she listens to The Black Swan and visual kei music. For her social media updates, check out Harumingo on Instagram.

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