Harajuku Girls in Kawaii Fashion w/ 6%DOKIDOKI, Panama Boy, H&M, Nike & UNIQLO

While walking on the street in Harajuku one afternoon, we met 17-year-old Micream and 18-year-old Natsuwo, both students who caught our attention with their kawaii and brightly colored ensembles.

At the left sporting a kawaii look, Micream’s ensemble features a vintage printed plaid button down dress over a t-shirt, and layered over a plaid button down shirt. Blue cuffed pants from Panama Boy, yellow over green socks, pink Nike sneakers, and a white fuzzy tote bag completed her outfit. She accessorized – from kawaii fashion brand, 6%DokiDoki – with clear glasses, pink hair ties for her twin tails, bead earrings, a heart necklace, and cute rings. Micream loves to shop at 6%DokiDoki and she likes to listen to Japanese singer, model and blogger, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Micream is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow her!

Meanwhile, Natsuwo – sporting two-tone hair – is wearing a yellow fuzzy jacket from Forever21, a white Uniqlo shirt, pink belted shorts from H&M, white thigh high socks, and pink platform lace up heeled booties. A pink fuzzy bowler hat and a pink sling bag finished off her colorful ensemble. Natsuwo’s favorite shop is the Harajuku vintage boutique G2?, and she listens to My Hair is Bad. For more of her info, follow Natsuwo on Twitter and Instagram.

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