Harajuku Girls in Dark Looks w/ Extra Long Sleeves, Giant Zipper, Never Mind The XU, Remake Fashion & Demonia Platforms

Ayumu (on the left with a twin buns hairstyle) and Rupi (on the right with red hair and extra long sleeves) caught our eye on the street in Harajuku one evening.

Ayumu – a 19-year-old Japanese student – is wearing a black Crank t-shirt with manga artwork with a white resale miniskirt, a fuzzy faux fur crossbody bag from WEGO, accessories from Never Mind The XU, and Dr. Martens boots. Her favorite places to shop for fashion include Bershka and Basic Cotton and she likes the music of 5 Seconds Of Summer. Follow her on Instagram for more of her fashion and Harajuku life.

Rupi – an 18-year-old Japanese makeup artist and beauty school student – is wearing a remake top with extra long color camo sleeves and a giant zipper on the back, a patent Spinns skirt with a front zipper, fishnets, accessories (a clear chain, ball gag, garters, and other items) from WEGO and Amazon, and Demonia platform boots with metal embellishments. She told us that her favorite fashion brand is Suzumebachi and that she likes the music of Polkadot Stingray and other J-Rock bands. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok (rupi_zzz).

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