Twin Tailed Harajuku Girls In Cute Styles by Nile Perch, Emily Temple Cute & Journal Standard

While walking around the streets in Harajuku, we came upon 19-year-old Megu and Chiru, an 18-year old student at Bunka Fashion College. Let’s take a closer look at what they’re wearing:

Megu (on the right) was wearing an outfit that consists of a resale turtleneck top, suspenders and brown trousers from GU, and tassel loafers from Journal Standard. Her accessories include a backpack from MIIA, heart-shaped earrings and a heart collar necklace. Megu loves shopping at Rainbow, Crisp, and W Closet. She loves listening to Momoiro Clover.

Chiru (on the left) was wearing a lingerie-as-outerwear outfit that consists of a Nile Perch top and ruffle shorts from Emily Temple Cute under a sheer lace coat, knee-high striped socks, and purple platform creepers from Swimmer. Her accessories include a rucksack, a Daisy Duck crossbody bag, red ribbons for her twin tails, and a cupcake pendant necklace, some of which are from Claire’s. Chiru’s favorite brands are from Nile Perch and Ankh Rouge, and her favorite musician is Melanie Martinez. Follow her on Twitter for more of her info.

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