Harajuku Girls w/ Pink Hair & Glasses in UNIQLO, Adidas, Narcissus & Jeanasis

On the street in Harajuku, we met 19-year-old Yuka, a student and 19-year-old Moe, a Japanese idol. Both were wearing interesting outfits in black and white fashion.

At the left, Yuka is wearing an Adidas jacket over a polka dot shirt from Narcissus and black, cuffed pants from Jeanasis, and heeled pointy toe loafers from Randa. A black shoulder bag from Jeanasis, and accessories such as a fuzzy beret, tortoiseshell glasses, teardrop earrings, and rings – some of which are from H&M – complete her look. Yuka’s favorite brand/shop is Narcissus.

At the right, pink and purple-haired Moe’s look features a black shirt with lace sleeves and white, short skirt, both from Uniqlo, and shiny black patent leather boots with purple laces from Zara. Her accessories include stud earrings, a handmade beaded bracelet, bands, a pinkie ring and a pastel watch. Moe likes listening to Mr. Children. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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