Harajuku Girls in Platform Boots, Face Mask, Harness, Pink Hair, Dog Osaka, Cozymost & Demonia

Luna and Kana are two Japanese students we met on the street in Harajuku at night.

19-year-old Luna – on the left with pink hair – is wearing an all white look with a Top Of The Hill jacket and top, vintage pants from Neuf Resale, a Looney Tunes bag from Village Vanguard, vintage accessories, and tall Demonia platform boots. Her favorite fashion brand is the Japanese label Ikumi, and she likes the music of Made In Me and Uyuni. She is active on Instagram if you’d like to know more about her fashion.

20-year-old Kana – on the right in a face mask and harness – is wearing a resale purple sweatshirt with harness and strap pants from Dog Osaka (the same company as Never Mind The XU Harajuku), a Cozymost belt bag, Dog Osaka accessories, and Demonia platform boots. Her favorite shops include Kobinai, Never Mind The XU, and Dog. She listens to K-Pop music. Follow Kana on Instagram for more of her fashion.

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