Harajuku Girls in Berets, Fishnets & Platforms w/ Bubbles Tokyo & Never Mind the XU

Hinata and Anna are both 16-year-old students we met in the street in Harajuku. They are seen sporting fishnet tights as part of their interesting outfits. Let’s take a closer look.

At the right, Hinata with the red beret is wearing an outfit composed of a black leather pleated skirt from Bubbles, a black Stussy top, a black and white varsity jacket which she bought at a select store in Korea, fishnet tights, white socks and platform sandals from Bubbles. Accessories include an o-ring choker necklace, a cross necklace, gold and silver rings, and a white chained furry purse. Her accessories are from Never Mind the XU and (me). Hinata’s favorite shop/brand is Never Mind the XU and she loves listening to Exo.

At the left, Anna’s outfit features a black “Army” sweatshirt from WEGO, white shorts from 2nd Street, fishnet tights and platforms, also from WEGO. A black Thrasher backpack and accessories from Never Mind the XU such as an o-ring choker with a triangle glass pendant and the black beret. Anna’s favorite brands/shops are Never Mind the XU and Nyulycadelic, and she likes to listen to Radwimps. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

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