Harajuku Girls w/ Quilted Skirt, Platform Shoes, Milkfed, Panama Boy & Bubbles

Meet Ponu and Acho, two cute 20-year-old girls we snapped on the street in Harajuku. Both of them like Japanese idol music.

First off we have Ponu, the girl with a purple bob hairstyle. She is a hair stylist and you can find her on Twitter. She is wearing a Jouetie coat over a teddy bear t-shirt from the Harajuku resale shop Panama Boy and a mini skirt from American Apparel. Her tote bag was made by Acho, her socks feature hearts, and her platform loafers are decorated with bows.

Acho – in the ponytail – works in apparel. She is wearing a Milkfed top with a pink quilted Little Sunny Bite skirt and a leather jacket. She is wearing a bag that she made herself and patent shoes from Bubbles Harajuku. Her rose and cross earring is from Lowrys Farm. Acho told us she likes to shop at Spank! and that she’s active on both Twitter and Instagram.

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